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Hello! I will be in Seattle this WEEKEND and am offering limited mini sessions!! I would absolutely LOVE to work with you and your family, fiance, dogs, cats whatever you hold most dear! 

Seattle Mini Session
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These are words to live by, and for 2018 seniors, this is our motto! Not every senior is the same, some of you like glam, some like casual and most of you want to approach your senior session in a fun and unique style that allows both you, and your parents, to be happy. 

That’s where I step in. 

Listen, I was a senior not so long ago and I remember going over the senior pamphlets sent to my house and day dreaming about a surf styled session with my hair curled and no glasses. Instead, for cost reasons, I was stuck shooting at a standard studio in Arizona that really just.. bummed me out. So I promised myself that if I ever worked with seniors I would make sure to cater to their hopes and dreams, along with their needs.

Before your session, we will meet, go over outfits and if you want we can meet up in Grand Forks and get some ideas for looks. I want to make sure that you’re comfortable and prepared for your session. We will also talk about locations, hair, makeup and what you really want from your session. 

I’ve also partnered with an amazing makeup artist who can do some pretty amazing curls too! She’s also a fantastic assistant during sessions and makes sure that you look stunning throughout your session and the best part? Her services are included with your session! So lets find out bit more about this motto. 

Do you want to go all out and have a blowout with amazing winged liner? DO IT! I am here to make your dreams come true, but still be true to yourself. You want to swim and have fun or ride a four-wheeler during your session? Let's make that happen! 



Be FUN: 
The #1 thing I have heard from people I’ve asked about their session is they didn’t have fun. Now I can’t get rid of the bugs, but I can ensure some fun. From music to making you laugh, I will make sure that your session is a blast from start to finish. 


#1 thing I’ve been told “I liked my session, but I didn’t feel like myself” or “I don’t wear that much makeup and I didn’t look like myself” 

Wow. I am all for makeup, but if you want to be all natural, guess what, you get to be! You don’t like wearing dresses? Don’t. Want to wear sweats? I bet we can come up with an outfit that will work and you get 2-3 outfits so we can make you and mom happy. 

So are you ready to book your session? Send me an email and I will make sure you have the BEST senior session ever. 


Destination Wedding in Alamosa, CO

100 year old barn, antique firetruck and Colorado are words that any wedding photographer would swoon over. Lucky me, June 18, 2016 I got to have all three! 

I first met Jordan and Sarah in North Dakota where Jordan is currently stationed. While shooting their engagement session they talked a bit about wedding plans, but nothing really official. It wasn’t until December of 2015 that Sarah brought up photographing their big day. Of course I was THRILLED I’m pretty sure I jumped up and down. Finally, the day arrived, I met Sarah and her bridesmaids at the salon in Alamosa, it was a warm day, but not too terrible. I’d just spent a week in DC so I was thankful for the dry heat. 

Sarah was anxious, ready to get this day started, and who could blame her? She’d spent the last year planning this wedding while Jordan was deployed! When I arrived she was in the midst of getting her hair done, we laughed a bit about her previous hair appointment that was a disaster. She found a new salon, but the jokes were flying the entire time. 

After getting her hair and makeup done, Sarah then whisked off to her parents. I think I commented on moving in a handful of times, it’s a gorgeous property set back by a pond where Jordan and Sarah’s dog, Tweed, decided to swim a few times before the ceremony. 

After getting dressed, and feeling like the heat was going to kill us, we headed to the ceremony site. A 100 year old barn that they spent a few months cleaning out to be used for their intimate ceremony. 

My husband had been at the barn photographing the guys getting ready, which actually turned into a recreation of some Super Troopers moments. 

Finally we were ready for these two to have their first look, and who wouldn’t want that to happen in front of an antique fire engine!? Jordan is a firefighter so he was pretty giddy to have such a beautiful truck involved in his big day. 


After quick portraits with the bridal party and family we headed into the barn. 

Sarah walked up the stairs and into the barn where Jordan waited as patiently as a man can while his wife-to-be walks towards him. It was a wonderful moment to capture these two meeting at the altar. 

The ceremony was short and sweet, we all were sweating buckets, but Sarah looked absolutely radiant as she said ‘I do’. 

After the ceremony we headed out for some bridal portraits, and then to the reception! Good food, laughter, surprises and tear jerking first dances ensued! Take a look below to see some more shots from Jordan and Sarah’s big day.

I'd love to photograph another wedding in Colorado, so if you're planning one LET ME KNOW! The light and weather make it absolutely stunning. 

5 tips for the newly engaged + a giveaway


Let's start off with jumping up and down that you're engaged!!

The first few weeks and months of your engagement can be kind of crazy, I usually tell people not to propose unless they're prepared to plan a wedding within 3 months to 2 years down the line. Ask my husband who thought we'd plan something for 2018.. we eloped 3 months later.

I'm sure you have your "dream wedding" Pinterest board already overflowing with gorgeous bouquets, venues, dresses, and swoon-worthy wedding poses.. but let's take a step back with a few steps to truly bring your dream wedding day into fruition. 

1. Step away from Pinterest! 
Look, I get it, it's easy to get lost in the gorgeousness of these "pin worthy" weddings. Instead of immediately going to Pinterest to find "must have wedding decor" why not just sit down with a pen and paper, list out the top 5 things you both want your day to be about. Take the 5 W's from your school days (Who, What, Where, When and Why) I bet it'll be a lot easier to not be sucked into a Pinterest hole. 


2. Don't plan everything at once. 
I fell into this trap, which is why I got overwhelmed and threw up my hands in defeat (among other reasons) and decided to elope. You have, hopefully, a year to plan your perfect day so take it day-by-day and week-by-week. It will save your sanity, and your fiance's. 


3. Recruit help, but set boundaries. 
This is your day, but you need to keep in mind that joining two families together isn't always going to come up roses. I think it's important to sit everyone down and nicely explain that you want as much help as possible, but that at the end of the day you and your fiance will have the final say in things. It will help with headaches and feeling like you're stepping on toes in the long run. 


4. Breathe. 
Remember that saying "a calm sea never made a skilled sailor"? Sometimes this can apply to your wedding. I've worked in this industry long enough to know that for every wedding that goes smoothly there are two or three that will have speed bumps. This is NORMAL and okay! Take a breath, center yourself and make a list of the amazing things that are happening because of your wedding, mine would look like this; 
-I am getting married to my best friend!
-Good food
-Pretty dress ;) 


5. Have FUN! 
Remember to have fun!!! This is a crazy adventure, like buying a house to remodel in your first year of marriage, but you can go into with the thought it's gonna be terrible or it's going to be AMAZING! Any day of the week I'd rather have something considerably amazing than stupid stressful. 

Now that you have some helpful tips, enter for a FREE engagement session! 




Romantic Styled Elopement Duluth, MN

"You are my today and all of my tomorrows" 
-Leo Christopher

When given a chance to go to one of my favorite spots, Duluth, in July of 2016 to photograph a styled elopement you better bet I jumped at the opportunity. I am a hopeless romantic. 

So away I went with my second shooter Dacotah to sit by the water and enjoy the gorgeous nature before us. We got to work with Morgan and Junior who are high school sweethearts and were such a joy to work with. It took me a long time to edit these images because I was working on the best way to bring out the gorgeousness of a wedding in the woods. I hope you enjoy the images below! 

Bahr Wedding Fargo, ND

Conor + Jordan, words cannot possibly describe how truly wonderful their big day was. Surrounded by friends and family at Hope Lutheran in Fargo, ND and later celebrating at the Courtyard by Marriot in Moorehead, MN. 

The day started at a salon in Fargo where I met Jordan's bridesmaids to capture them getting ready, it was incredibly early, so I was impressed everyone showed up on time! Jordan showed up wearing the most adorable "bride" tshirt (target) and overly ecstatic that today was the day she'd finally say 'I do' to the love of her life.

After getting ready at the salon, we drove over to Hope Lutheran Church to get ready. Jordan and her bridesmaids while we waited for the guys to show up. They have the easiest job and didn't have to be there for another hour or so. Thankfully this gave us enough time to do a big reveal of the bride to the bridesmaids and her dad. 

The guys finally showed up and it was time for Connor and Jordan's first look! Connor is a stoic man, but the minute he saw his bride-to-be he teared up. It was such a gorgeous moment that was also repeated when Jordan made her way down the aisle. 

Soon after their first look their son Carter came toddling out adorable as can be to greet his mom and dad on their big day. Then it was time for everyone to get ready to walk down the aisle. I found my spot in the sanctuary and watching the bridal party come down the aisle you could just feel all the love they had for Jordan and Connor. 

When Jordan made her way down the aisle, I don't think there was a dry eye in sight (not even mine!) she looked absolutely stunning in her art-deco inspired gown and it was truly a moment I think Connor will remember the rest of his life. 

Their ceremony was simple, sweet and had some points of laughter too. The most unique thing is that the Pastor forgot to tell Connor to kiss the bride, so after we left the sanctuary, I had them kiss quickly to seal the deal! 

Obviously, their day was far from over, but we headed out to grab some pictures of the bridal party and the couple! 

Gorgeous, right!? Now for the fun, they had an AMAZING reception at the Marriott in Moorehead and I know that Katelyn helped coordinate with Jordan so that their reception and dance went as  smoothly as possible. 

The reception is where Jordan's DIY really shined, with more florals and decorations hand created by her throughout the year. You could tell that she put a lot of hardwork and love into creating a reception that would reflect their love and relationship in a grand way. The cake, and cupcakes, provided by Wicked Wife Cakery were incredible and some of the BEST cupcakes I've ever had. I mean, just look at that cake! 

Thank you to Jordan and Connor for having me there to celebrate and capture their big day. It was a blast and I am so grateful to have had you as such amazing clients!! 

Vendor Details:
Cake: Wicked Wife Cakery
Dress: Maggie Sottero through Affairs by Brittany Detroit Lakes, MN
Makeup: Caitlin Skjervem
Hair: Hideout Salon Fargo, ND
Tux's: Tip Top Tux Fargo, ND
Reception: Courtyard by Mariott Moorehead, MN
DJ: Powerplay DJ Fargo, ND
Ceremony: Hope Lutheran Church Fargo, ND